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A ablaze bake and affection multitool are acute genitalia of any camping kit and Tennessee-based Pyyros has taken a modular access to its eponymous device. The assemblage allows altered capabilities to be added to the failing aluminum anatomy depending on the attack at hand.

Pyrros starts with the abject model, which packs a 1,000-lumen flashlight, 3,400-mAh lithium-ion battery, USB charger and stainless-steel bang cap in a failing T-6061 aluminum body. Added modules can afresh be busted assimilate this base, with an abandoned bore included with abject model.

Upgrading to the Backwoods archetypal adds a bunched electric arc fire-lighter and screwdriver set to the mix, while the Survival archetypal includes a brace of water-purifying capsules on top again. But accurate adventurers are acceptable to appetite the Attack model, which includes all of the aloft as able-bodied as a Personal Alarm Locater (PBL).

However, the alarm is accessible as an alternative added with any archetypal for an added US$299, as is a wind and baptize agent for recharging the Pyrros’ array that adds $35 to the price.


An exploded appearance of the Pyyros


According to Pyyros, the alternative alarm is the second-smallest in the world, abaft alone the locater included with the Breitling Emergency II. Complying with the COSPAS-SARSAT standard, the dual-band PBL operates on the 121.5 and 406 MHz frequencies, and works anywhere in the world. It operates for up to 24 hours and works at temperatures amid –20 and 55° C (–4 and 131° F).

At the moment, Pyyros is the accountable of a Kickstarter attack and has aloft over $15,200 of its $50,000 ambition with 20 canicule remaining. Pledging $39 will get you a abject model, while you’ll charge to agreement at atomic $349 for an aluminum assemblage with the beacon. Special copy titanium models are additionally accessible from $349, and amplitude all the way for one with the lot (excepting the wind/water turbine) for $689.

Should the Kickstarter attack accommodated its goals, Pyyros affairs to activate deliveries of its apparatus in December this year. You can analysis out the company’s video angle below.

Source: Pyyros

PYYROS: The Ultimate Survival and Emergency Apparatus (Canceled)


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